Monday, March 21, 2011

Vacation: Part 2

Vacation: Part 2, here we go!

Lake Tahoe

I am pretty much the worst wife in the world, and in all the times S and I have visited Reno throughout our relationship, I have never taken him to Lake Tahoe. In my defense, we always go in the winter and it's always freezing and snowy, but this time we made it a point to go so S could see the beauty of it.

This is actually where the lake feeds into the Truckee River, which flows right by my house!

The Truckee River

Our fist view of the lake. Seriously, have you ever see anything more breathtaking?

I'm wrapped in about 15 layers here, and it is still so cold!

Looking straight down into the water. Amazing how clear it is.

More Backyard Play Time

L became somewhat obsessed with my mom's gardening wagon. I think we may have to invest in a wagon at home for him.

The Truckee River

Remember those gorgeous pictures from earlier in this post when the Lake fed into the Truckee River, and I said it flowed right by my house. I meant that literally, so we bundled up and walked down to show L where I spent most of my childhood playing.

We use to have contests when I was a kid to see how far out we could get on this old damn. Safe? Probably not, but we survived!

Card Time!

Whenever I'm with my family we always pull out the card table and play Shang-Hai (SP?). I love card games, but we can't play with just two people at home, so I love when we get to do this! And, another plus, my Grandma came down to play with us too!

L helping Gramps with his hand!

L and his Great-Grandma. She hates having her pictures taken, so this was the best shot I could sneak in!

Happy Hour with and old Friend

S and I met up with one of my best friends from high school, Casady, and her husband and their beautiful 5 months old daughter Zoe for some beer and appetizers! We were so busy catching up on life and mommyhood and everything else, I completely forgot to bust out my camera, but I did get on shot of the two mommies and the babies!

And we're done! Vacation update is over, and now it's back on to life as normal and routines and work! 

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