Monday, March 21, 2011

Vacation: Part 1

Well, we've been back from Reno for about 5 days now, but I need some time to get readjusted, let the dust settle, and get all three of us back into our routine before I got around to posting about our trip. I love vacations, but I also love coming home and getting back to "normalcy".

This will probably take several postings, since I have a bunch of pictures I want to post, but here we go!

And We're Off! 

L couldn't decide if he loved the moving sidewalks, or was scared of them!


My boy did soooo well on the airplane! So much better then our last trip (although in his defense he did have an ear infection that time!) He spent most of the time starting out of the window, and with the exception of incessantly telling the gentleman next to me "hi" and trying to "help" him type on his computer, he was an angel!

My Parents New and Improved Backyard

My parents have gone all out on the landscaping in the last year or so. We have a huge backyard anyway, but now there are gardens and patios and a fire pit and boulders..... it's pretty nice and it was heaven for L to be able to run around in.

(On a side note? When I was a kid? Grass. That whole, huge, expansive space? That was all grass. And guess who had to mow it?)

I like to think that this pic of S is him contemplating landscaping our backyard in a similar fashion.... but I doubt it.

A Night Out with the Girls
(And the world BEST PIZZA!)

Meghan, Kati and Ashleigh. Love them, love them, love them!


JJ's Pizza. Best Pizza Ever. I would seriously move back to Reno just to have this on a weekly basis.

Best Friend, and she was the maid of honor in my wedding!
(PS? I'm over the bangs. They make my face look chubby.)

This was when an impromptu game of "who has the most random things in their purse" broke out in the middle of the bar. Meghan won with a tape measure, carnival token, 2 nail polishes and various other oddities.

Breakfast in Truckee
Truckee is probably one of the cutest little mountain towns you have ever been to. Chocked full of mom and pop stores and boutiques and yummy family owned restaurants. It makes you feel like you've stepped back in time, and we decided to stop for breakfast on our way up to the lake.

Gramps and L


The Squeeze In. This place had the yummiest hot chocolate, with a mountain of whip cream and sprinkles on it!

Me and my Daddy
(Better without bangs, yes?)

OK, this seems like a good place to end! Stay tuned for Vacation Part 2!

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