Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Haircut!

Well, I finally caved. L got his first haircut last week. The whole thing unfolded much like the great crib debacle, with me dragging me feet, not ready to give up this last piece of babyhood and S insisting that it was time. This has probably been going for almost two month, and I've managed to keep avoiding the subject and putting it off, but after poor L was called a girl about 20 times on our Reno vacation I finally gave into defeat. Of course, S was ready to run to Walgreen, buy a pair of clippers and go at poor L's head himself, but I said the only way I was going to be ready to do this was if we took him to a real haircutting place and I got to take pictures and possibly shed a few tears.

So, here we are: Snip and Snap for Kids. I don't know why this was so hard for me, but it just feels like L is growing up so fast and I would really appreciate it if time would slow down a little!

Although, looking back at these pictures, I do have to agree with S a little that his hair was starting to look a little unruly....

So it was into the red race care, with Thomas and Friends on the TV right in front of him and mommy hovering/taking pictures/holding back tears......

Here we go!

I was actually pretty impressed with how well he did.

And the final result? Ta-Da! My big handsome boy! Doesn't he look so much like a little boy now, a toddler, then a baby!

Proud Mommy! I'm not going to lie, this was pretty emotional for me, but he looks so grown up now and so handsome!

(this is not a very good picture of him, but he was pretty fed up with sitting still at this point!)

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