Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am a lazy, lazy writer lately. I know it, and I hate it. Sometimes I lay in bed at night, thinking about all the thoughts that I want to put to paper (screen?), but it lately it just doesn't seem to happen.

We've had some changes in our life lately, the most significant and recent being that I have picked up a second job. I know I have mentioned in previous posts how lucky I am to be able to hold a part time job (Mon-Thurs, half days) and still have so much time at home with L. This is still true, to a point. We were "living" just fine on one and a half salary, even though money was very tight. But, we soon realized two things: first, we weren't living the way we really wanted to. Suddenly all of our old dreams, big and small, we put on an indefinite hold. We now longer had the extra cash to go out to dinner, or to take Landon to play places or the zoo. If we saw a home accent piece, or piece of furniture, or a even just a nice bottle of wine, we really couldn't afford it. It was causing stress and tension that neither myself nor S wanted to bring into our marriage, or into L's home life. The second thing we realize was, that although we were making it paycheck to paycheck,  we were barely able to put any money into savings. We would like to add to our family, sooner rather then later, and the way that we made it work last time, with four months of unpaid maternity leave, was that we had been able to put a rather significant amount into savings to supplement my salary.

So, with all that being said, I have gone back to my old college roots of waitressing. We debated the pro's and con's of my just going back to my first job full time, but the problem was That we would have to basically double our daycare costs, thus not really bringing in very much extra money, and taking a way a lot of mommy and L time. By my picking up a few dinner shifts a week, we were able to bring in much needed extra money, and still not take away my being home with L. Now I work at the school in the morning, I have L in the afternoon, and as soon as S comes home I head to the restaurant.

It's not the most ideal situation, and I hate being away from my family at night, but it is a blessing to our family to have the extra one right now, and I just keep looking at the bigger picture, which is this is the best way to get L the sibling I want for him! :)

For now I am going to claim this as my excuse for being a lazy writer, but I promise to be better. Honest, I do.

In happier news, S and I play on a soccer league together (not sure if I have mentioned this before?) and our season started today. It was a little intimidating, because the other girl that played on the team is pregnant, so I am officially the only girl now. (Maybe this make me a badass?) But I love the rush of a good and competitive game, and I also love that this is a passion S and I share and can do together.

I don't have any pictures of our soccer game, because it's hard to get many shots when you are running up and down the field for an hour and a half. S had a great time on the sidelines though, our friend Erin was kind enough to watch him and he spent the whole time running circles around her!

I do however, have a few cute pictures of our Sunday morning routine of going to the park and playing and feeding the ducks. This is one of my favorite family time activities that we do, and now that the scorching heat of summer is finally fading a little bit we are able to resume our park dates.

So, until next time my friends. I promise to be back sooner with more pictures of my little man and more uplifting updates!

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