Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am generally not a morning person. An overall, happy, optimistic person? Yes. Just not during the first 25-30 minutes when the world so rudely rips me out of sleep and the comfort of my bed. Seriously, it's bad. On a good morning I tend to hit snooze 4 or 5 times, grumble and moan and glower at anyone who crosses my path. (This exclude L of course. Baby is always safe from mama's moods. And, he tends to sleep in until my crankiness has worn off. Smart baby.) On a bad morning? Watch out. On bad mornings snoozes get hit about 8 times, before I finally drag myself out of bed, muttering and cursing whoevers bright idea it was to ever start work days at 7:45 A.M. S knows not to talk to me first thing in the morning, yet he seems to take great enjoyment in trying to engage me in conversations when I'm at my worst.

And my "non-morning-person-ness" gets way worse when winter rolls around. I don't so much mind waking up at 6 am when the birds are chirping and the sun is already out and warming the day up. And I don't mind as much when I get up on my own. By no means am I the type of person who sleeps until 11.... that was me back in college. (Ok, college was more like 2 P.M. some days, but I digress). Left to my own accord I usually wake up with L right around 6:30, maybe 7. And then I'm fine. Maybe a little groggy, but not cranky. Ready to start the day. No, it's being woken up by an alarm, when it's so dark outside that it looks like it's the middle of the night that gets me and turns me into a bed headed grouch. And now that fall and winter are upon us (Even though it is still 90+ degrees in phoenix) the days have gotten shorter and the night cooler, and me? Meaner, at the 6 AM hour. Working the second job at night isn't helping either, because by the time I get home, wind down and get ready for bed it's pretty late, thus making the early morning hour come even quicker.

And I'm not a hater of fall or winter. I love the season changes, and I can't wait until we live some place where leaves actually change color and snow falls. I just would like to toss my alarm clock out the window so I can truly enjoy that fall/winter feeling of waking up when it is cold outside and getting to snuggle down deep in the warm covers. Anyone else with me here, or am I alone in these feelings? Perhaps the solution is to simply talk to my work and explain to them that it would benefit everyone involved if instead of having to get there by 7:45 I could simply show up as soon as I had woken up and gotten ready for the day, thus bypassing the whole "I hate the world and I hate my job and I hate everything that is making me get out of the bed right now" mentality. And, truthfully, I think L would like to sleep a little later too. He has a certain air of crankiness when I have to wake him up every morning to get ready for daycare. I guess he gets it from me. Sigh.

Anyway, on a brighter note, and not at all related to mornings, here are some things that we are loving in our life right now:

My little Picasso

A little of this:

 And this:


 And on very messy, but happy, baby:

And a messy, but happy, mommy:

I'm pretty sure this piece will be in a museum someday. He's very talented, isn't he?

Shopping for Halloween costumes

People in Baby's-R-Us gave us some funny looks as we put him in costumes and let him run around, but he looked so cute, we couldn't help it!

You will have to wait until Halloween to see if he went for the monkey or the lion costume.

Family Day Out

We hit our local farmers market this past Saturday, but L was much more interested in playing on the outskirts, in the rocks, and it was crowded and busy so I was too busy keeping an eye on him to get any good pictures of him inside the market.

 And after we walked around for a bit, we decided to hit BJ's for lunch. Great home brews and great appetizers, if you have never been there. L loved it because we let him munch on french fries after he finished his graham crackers.

Yummy spinach dip:

And, hello? Chocolate beer? Yum!
 Soccer Season

S and I play on an open soccer team together every fall and spring. (I think I have mentioned this before) The last two seasons I have been either pregnant, or just had a baby. I played the last few games last season when L was a little older, so I'm super excited to "hopefully" get to play the whole season this time!

(Yes, I am sweaty and gross with no makeup in this picture. Don't judge.)

So even though I am a perpetual crank when my alarm goes off, life is good!


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