Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stroller giveaway

Ok, I am totally the kind of persons that enters giveaways of any and every kind, whenever possible. Call in and do a survey for paradise bakery to win $2000? I'm all over it. Enter to win $5000 at home depot? Absolutely. Free cheeseburger at McDonald's if you play their monopoly game? Bring it on.

I don't even usually care what the prize is. I will enter to win gift cards to stores I don't shop at, free food for a year at restaurants I don't eat at that often, prizes from retailers where I don't usually go. I don't care, I just want to win. And guess what? I never, ever, never do. I mean ever. I never even win the little prizes on scratchers or lottery tickets (although I still hold out strong belief that one day I will be featured on the Today Show as one of those lucky people who won 251 million.) I never win raffles, even when there are ten million prizes and hardly any entries.

With that being said, because I enter contests rather obsessively, and never win, I usually tend to keep it to myself. My husband is the only one who is privy to my constant losing streak. He is the one that  I assure, over and over again that "this is it! I can feel it! This is the time we are going to win ______ (enter prize of your choice here)" . And then he is the one that gets to witness my disappointment as once again, I did not win. He gets to hear my mutterings of "stupid, rigged contests. No one ever wins. they just draw you in to knock you down. I am NEVER  entering another stupid contest again."  (Until next time of course!)

And so the cycle continues, as one of my other blogger friends (and real life friends!) posted about this awesome giveaway on her blog. (check her blog out here, it's fabulous!) Anyway, she follows another blog called, who, in additional to also having a fabulous blog, does contest and giveaways quite a bit, and according to my friend she has actually won a few of them. (Thus instilling in me confidence that I have shot!)

So, here is the giveaway: she is giving away a Britax B-Ready stroller. I have wanted this stroller forever. It's like the Cadillac of strollers, the rolls Royce, the Nissan Armada (Ok, some of you may not think the Armada fits in this category, but I really love those cars) It has about a million (or 14) different positions you can put your child in it, and it can hold one or two children. I love the britax brand, plus, it's just cool looking. And seeing as how we are looking to add to our family sometime soon, I would love a stroller that can transition from one baby to two.

I want this stroller so bad. And I can feel it in my bones "This time I'm going to win. this is my time." No, really, this is it. That stroller is mine.

But, on the off chance history repeats itself and once again I find myself a loser in the game of all things giveaway related, I would love for one of my readers (I do have at least a couple readers, right?) to win. So click here to enter to win, and take a moment to check out the whole blog too.

And seriously, wish me luck, ok? :)

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