Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Houston, we have a problem.

And that problem is teething. Oh. My. Goodness. I feel like karma is just laughing at us for all those times we made comments like:

"Oh, our baby sleeps soooo well, he neve wakes up!"

"He always sleeps though the night."

"We have to wake him up for feedings!"

That, my friends, is no longer the case. For the past 5 days poor L has been up pretty much every hour on the hour. And we are exhausted. I feel like this is the kind of tired everyone said we would feel when we brought him home from the hospital, only it's hitting us 8 months later. And I feel so bad for him, because you can just tell that his poor little mouth is hurting him, and he doesn't understand it. During the day he seems to be ok, as long as he is always chewing on something, but night is a whole different game. He wakes up wailing and calms down as soon as we pick him up, but it's like he knows that his mouth is hurting when he sleeps, so he refuses to go back down.

Thank God I have a husband like S who helps out at night, even though he works such long hours. We take turns walking him and feeding him, but his crying still wakes both of us up everytime.

Poor guy, I hope this passes quickly! Any advice out there on teething would be greatly appreciated! Please post comments!

Here is how L is when he is a happy baby:

And here is how he is at night when his mouth hurts::

(Ok, this pic is actually from when he didn't like the baby food I was trying to give him, but it's not like I have my camera on me at 3 A.M., and you get the idea!)

Sorry if this post is a little rambly.....did I mention I'm so tired?!?!

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