Thursday, May 13, 2010

"My" Friday

I love that today is my Friday.

After a particularly stressful work week (think audit, lot's of mistakes from when I was gone on maternity leave, having to tell someone their child has to repeat the 8th grade, and lot's of other annoyances), today is my Friday. I am so incredibly blessed that not only do I only work part time, I only work Monday through Thursday. And when Thursday rolls around, I am so ready for my weekend. So, as I sit here with a glass of wine and Sex and the City playing in the background I think about how lucky I really am.

I like these "alone" moment where I can just sit here with a glass of wine and think. With an 8 month old baby and work and a husband, it doesn't happen very often. But when it does, it is usually on "my Friday" (A.K.A Thursday nights) Because it is the only night that I get to stay up later, while S goes to bed because he has to work in the morning and L has been in bed since 8. The house is quite and I have time to relax and watch whatever I want on TV (Reality shows are usually a good choice) and just think and reflect. And, even though we all know I hate actually being alone, I like this "alone" feeling that comes with everyone else sleeping peacefully.

And I like that in these alone moments, the urge to write often strikes. I feel as though I can be creative and insightful and that, and as much as I love writing about my family, I can also branch out and write about other things. It is in these moments that I think about all the things I would want to do in this life. I want to be a nurse, because I was so inspired by the labor and delivery nurses who helped deliver L. Or maybe a teacher, because I have so much respect for those who teach our children. Or a lawyer, because what is more noble then defending the innocent and down-trodden?

It also the time when I think about things I could be doing right now. Like, why don't I take a creative writing class? Or maybe a cooking class, so my dear husband can enjoy something besides the endless rotation of quesadillas and sandwiches for dinner. Or a photography class, so I can capture L and S and the beauty of our life in all it's glory.

yes, I love these "alone" (but not really) moments that occur on Thursday nights, while the rest of the world sleeps and prepares for another work day, and I revel in the fact that a morning of sweet baby cuddling and drawn out cups of tea on the porch await me the next morning. And I love thinking and imagining and planning for all those many things that I want to do in this lifetime. But I also love that while me and my glass of wine may envy Carrie Bradshaw and imagine a world of high profile court cases, or best selling novels, I will crawl into bed tonight with S, with L softly snoring in the pack and play that is molded to the side of my bed, and I will be 100% satisfied with my life just as it is at this moment. And all the stresses of audit and held back 8th graders will have faded away and I will go to sleep knowing that tomorrow I will wake up refreshed and loving every moment of my life right now.

And as much as this blog is about being a mommy, and the wonders that are my little L, tonight’s post will have no pictures of crawling or bath time because it was written on a whim by Leah and not by Mommy.

Goodnight, sweet dreams, and I promise sweet baby pictures in the next post.

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