Saturday, April 2, 2016

First visit with the Tooth Fairy!

I can't even believe I'm writing this post,  but we have our first lost teeth in our household! L had two "grown up" teeth on the bottom that were starting to come in, but the baby teeth hadn't started to get loose yet so the dentist recommended we pull them so that the big teeth would move into proper position.

(His last smile with all of his baby teeth. Tear. My baby!)

We gave it some time to see if the baby teeth would come out on their own, but once it became clear they weren't budging we went ahead and scheduled an appointment to have them removed. L was actually excited because he knew it would mean his first visit with the tooth fairy!

He did really well, and after a lunch of smoothies he was perfectly fine. No pain and he is super proud of his new "gap"!

(Can you see that big tooth coming in? The dentist said it should move into place in a few weeks now that the baby teeth are out!)

And when big brother looses his first two teeth, everyone benefits with ice cream after dinner!

And the Tooth Fairy did come to visit! L was so excited when he found an envelope under his pillow with a sweet note, two dollars and a few little "jewels"!

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