Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July 2015

Happy Fourth of July weekend!!!

I love holiday's (you knew that) and The fourth of July definitely ranks up there for me. There's just something so patriotic and special about it. This year L asked a lot of questions about what we were celebrating and I felt proud to be able to tell him about our country and our soldiers. I'm feeling especially proud after the monumental SCOTUS decision last week, and I'm thrilled to live in a country where we can love whoever we choose to love.

We had a pretty low key day. Friends that we would normally celebrate with were out of town, so we spent the day relaxing at the pool. All three boys are such water babies this summer, so it's been really funny. Even L2, who used to be pretty tentative around water, is now all about jumping in!

(Those faces!!!!)

We ate lunch at the pool and then brought the boys home for naps. We decided to stay home and cook up some nice steaks for dinner, and then catch the fireworks show from our driveway.

(This is the reality of what trying to take a picture with all three of them looks like!)

L was super anxious to see the fireworks, and the wait between dinner and when we actually went outside was hard for him! Last year was the first year we bought our own fireworks and he's been looking forward to doing them again ever since.

 (We don't do anything crazy, just some poppers and a few small sparkler type fireworks!)

They had a blast hanging out in the front yard and helping Daddy light the fireworks. R got a little freaked out when our neighbors started shooting off some bigger, louder ones, but as long as we were holding him he was OK!

We stayed up way past the kids bedtimes, but it was worth it to see the excitement and wonder on their faces. And we were also hopeful that a late bedtime might mean they would sleep in, but that didn't happen!!!

Happy Fourth of July!!

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