Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy birthday, S!!!

Happy 31st birthday to the most amazing man in the world!!!

Today my wonderful husband turned 31, and although he had to work, we had so much fun celebrating him. Per his request, there were no big presents given, but the boys picked out a game for him and a bunch of candy and I got him some more… ahem…. grownup gifts. (A big bottle of gin, since he loves gin and tonics in the summer and a craft beer!)

S is taking Friday off work, and we have a babysitter and a date night lined up for tomorrow, so he requested dinner at home tonight instead of going out. I made him veal meatballs (which he loves) and I tried a new recipe for Italian sausage stuffed mushrooms. They were soooo good! We paired them with a Caesar salad, some french bread, and good beer! And of course, we made cupcakes for dessert! (If you're a rainbow chip frosting lover like I am, and were devastated when it was discontinued…. it's back!!!!)

And for  slight sappy moment…. I love this man. He works so hard for his family and he makes us proud everyday. I am 110% complete around him. He allows me to be myself…. the good, the bad and the ugly. We are so lucky to have him!!!

Needless to say… the kids were thrilled by the cupcakes!

Happy birthday, baby!!! We love you so much!

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