Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Another great Christmas is down in the books! Christmas 2014 didn't disappoint, and now that it's over I'm taking a moment to reflect back and appreciate it.

S and I stayed up late on Christmas Eve, wrapping presents, putting together the big Santa gifts, and stuffing stockings, all while we relaxed, drank eggnog and watched Christmas movies. Pretty much my idea of a perfect night! L's big Santa gift was a "big boy" bike, and L2's was a "big boy" scooter. R got a pretty cool V-tech suitcase toy that plays lots of super annoying amazing music! I was so excited to see their faces on Christmas morning: to see that Santa had come, and the cookies had been eaten and all their presents. It's not about the presents though, not really….. it's about the magic and the fact that when they come downstairs and see all those things that weren't there the night before they truly believe that something magical happened in the house while they slept. That's the moment I look for on Crhistmas morning.

And that Crhistmas morning magic? As usual, it was there in all its full glory. OK, it wasn't movie perfect, not by any means. L2 is not a morning person and was pretty cranky, and L was in full toy/present overload and R was more interested in trying to pull apart everyone else's stuff then his own. But we were together and carols were playing and I had a cup of hot coffee, and in all it's imperfectness, it  was a perfect Crhistmas morning!

We try to do stockings, then fill up our coffee, and then do presents one at a time, youngest to oldest. This is not easy with three little boys, but we kept it as calm and un-chaotic (is that a word?) as possible.

Of course, everyone got a ton of  toys. Like we need more of them, but what are you going to do? L got a lot of clothes, which he desperately needed since he's growing like a weed. Thankfully, he is still at an age where he thinks new clothes are cool too. I think all three of them were especially thrilled at the amount of candy and treats they got in their stockings!

I even feel like I managed to do good shopping for S, who is pretty impossible. He got a lot of camping stuff, new work shirts, a new beer making kit, and some other odds and ends. He is one of those people that really never wants anything so you have to find stuff he needs that is still fun to give as a gift. Plus I like buying him clothes, since he always looks so handsome!!!

After presents we put in the Santa Claus (another Crhistmas tradition) and made a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole an mimosas! Then it was time to head outside and test out the new toys!

L hopped right on his new bike, I was pretty proud of him. He took one tumble, but it mostly just scared him. And don't worry, he will be wearing a helmet. The one he got for Crhistmas just doesn't fit his big noggin so it need to be exchanged!

L2 wasn't as interested in his scooter, but I'm sure he will warm up to it! R, however, thought it was a great toy and spent the morning standing on it and pushing it around!

 We also got a wagon from S's aunt and uncle, so S put that together and gave the boys and one of our neighborhood friends a ride! I'm pretty excited about the wagon actually, I think it will come in handy at things like the kids sporting events!

Yes, it was a great Christmas. I'm always sad when it's over, but I'm also looking forward to a New Year and to getting back into our normal schedule. While it's nice to be spontaneous and give our schedule the heave-ho during the holidays, with three kids a little structure is a Godsend!!!

I hope everyone experience the magic of Christmas, and that you felt the love of family and friends as strongly as we did this holiday season!!!

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