Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 2015!!!!

Wow, how is already nine days into 2015!!! Now that the holidays are over time is flying by and I feel like I'm still trying to get organized and catch up!

We really had a wonderful holiday season this year, and we were lucky that S ended up with a lot of time off! This has been our first full week back since mid-December and we are slowly getting back into the swing of things!

Let's see, what's been going on with us since Christmas? We had a nice New Years. S had to work New Years Eve, but he got off fairly early and we made steaks for dinner and even managed to stay up till almost 1:00 AM watching movies and drinking champagne…. quite a feat for parents! Needless to say, we were tired the next day, but we managed to get up and get moving and took the kids to see Night at the Museum 3. It's always a little hit or miss to take them to something that's not a cartoon, but they all did well and seemed to enjoy it.

The rest of the week and weekend was all about cleaning up Christmas stuff and running errands, and then on Monday the boys were back to school. It was a double edge sword having them home. I love spending the extra time with them, and we get to sleep in and take things a little slower, but they get bored and they would rather be in school. I think the only downside to them going back has been adjusting to getting up at 6:45 again! When they're not in school we all tend to sleep until at least 8, if not later!

I also got back into the swing with the gym this week. I took a lot of time off over the holiday, and I definitely put on a few pounds. I'm not happy about it, but I know I can work them back off and I'm glad that I relaxed and had fun over Christmas. (But I"m working super hard and I'm ready for them to be gone like now!!!)

Oh, and the most exciting thing that has happened!!! I have a brand new niece!!! My brother and his beautiful wife had their gorgeous baby girl on New Years Eve! The unfortunate thing is that they live in France, so I don't know when I will meet her. But the fortunate thing is, they live in France!!!  I think I need to start planning my trip!!

So, that's pretty much it. We're all just getting back to it. I do love the New Year though. I know it's kind of cheesy, but it always feels like such a fresh start. And it's 2015 guys!!! How crazy is that!?!

Happy New Year!

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