Friday, December 12, 2014

O' Christmas Tree

By far one of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting and decorating the tree. We do a live tree every year, and although it would be easier to get a fake tree we love the smell and feel of the real thing, not to mention getting to go and pick it out!

 This year it was especially fun pulling out all the ornaments as L asked what everything was and what it meant. We have a fair amount of ornaments, some handed down from our families and a lot collected by us over the years. We have a few for the dogs, Stella and Charlie, back when they were our only babies. We have one commemorating our first Christmas when we lived together, one from the year we got engaged. We have one for our first home and one for each of the boys first Christmases. We have Disney ones that have been given to the boys as gifts, and ones that the boys have painted and decorated. I love going through and remembering all the good memories, and what each one means.

(Both of the big boys attempted putting the star on, but it ended up being too tall and Daddy had to do it!)

It wasn't all roses and sunshine and reminiscing. I'm not going to lie, trying to decorate a tree with delicate ornaments and three kids five and under was a bit stressful, but everyone had fun and nothing got broken! R thinks the glittery balls are the best thing ever and spent the whole night stealing them off the tree and then trying to eat them. L wanted to hang all the ornaments in the same spot where he could see them all (Like all on one branch!) and L2 just wanted to be in the fray and wanted to touch and hold everything!

So now we have a beautiful tree (which is thankfully in the front room and behind a baby gate, so the kids don't have free range on it!) and the presents under it are slowly growing! I love just sitting with all the lights off except the tree light with a glass of eggnog and enjoying the moments!!!

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