Monday, December 22, 2014

A California Christmas!!!!

We're back!!!

We packed up our car last Thursday, grabbed L from school on our way out of town, and headed down to California to visit my in-laws for our annual Christmas trip. We go down pretty much every year (as long as the dates work out) for the weekend before Christmas when they do their big family Christmas party. Every year I am torn and super stressed out about this trip. I'm not a huge fan of traveling over the holiday, I hate leaving the house and the animals this time of year, and it always feels like I have a to-do list ten miles long, but every year we have an amazing time and I'm always so happy we went. This year was especially a whirlwind of a trip, we got in late on Thursday, drove to Whittier and Corona on Saturday to visit family and for the party, and then headed home today. We managed to pack lot in in a few short days though, and the boys always have such a blast with their grandparents and aunts and uncle!

S's dad waited until we were all there to decorate his huge tree (I'm so jealous of their tall ceilings!!!) and L and L2 loved helping hang up all the ornaments. R pretty much just got into things and got in the way, but he had fun too and managed not to break anything!

(A quick family picture before our long day of driving!)

The Christmas party this year was at S's aunts house, which is a few hours away in Corona on their horse ranch. Since we were going to be passing by we decided to leave early and visit S's aunt and uncle on his other side since we hadn't seen them in a long time, and they had never met R. It was a long day, but it was so great getting to see so much family!

(another family picture, this time with Uncle in it!)

(The horse ranch. This place is crazy beautiful!)

On Sunday we exchanged presents with family, and the boys got majorly spoiled. They were so happy with all their cool toys, the biggest hit being a huge set of car tracks that light up in the dark and have motorized cars. The big boys played with it pretty much all day. They got a ton of other stuff also, to be honest I'm surprised we managed to fit it all back in the car!!!

Now we are back and relaxing at home. It was a great trip, but I'm happy to back… nothing feels as good as being home at Christmas! Tomorrow it's crunch time to get ready for Christmas!!!

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