Monday, October 27, 2014

Painting Pumpkins

One of my favorite fall traditions to do with the boys is painting pumpkins! It's a little easier and more relaxed than carving (Which we still do closer to Halloween, and with Daddy's help!) and we also get to do it a little earlier and put the pumpkins out without worrying about them going bad.

Normally I get a few small pumpkins (like the baby ones) for the boys to paint, and a few big ones for carving, but this year L's pre-K class had a Pumpkin Patch day and he got to choose his own big pumpkin. He is super proud of it, and was adamant that he did not want to carve a jack-o-lantern, he wanted to paint it.

So, today while the boys were at school, I went over to Sprouts and picked up the rest of our pumpkins and hit Target for some paint (Glitter Paint, for the win!!!) and even managed to bribe them all down for good naps with the promise of pumpkin painting afterwards!

This is how Daddy found us when he got home…. sitting in the front driveway, covered in paint and his boys proudly displaying their art for him! Even R sat and painted for a few minutes, but then he became much more interested in painting himself! 

I think our cute little pumpkin family turned out great! They will look perfect on our porch, next to our carved Jack-O-Lanterns that we will do later this week!!!

(The big pumpkin is L's, the one on the left is mine, the middle one is L2's and the one on the right is R's!!!)

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