Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Camping Trip

This is where we spent our weekend:

Pretty, right?  We packed up Friday afternoon and drove up north to Lake Pleasant for the weekend. It is probably our last camping trip of the season (although it was so warm this weekend we might be able to make it one more time…. we will see!) It was nice to get out of town for the weekend, and even though the thought of camping with three kids under 5 always makes me feel a little nervous, we had a great weekend and the kids had a great time too!

 We got up around lunch on Friday and after setting up camp and eating lunch we headed down to the lake and and fished and let L swim/splash around for a bit. The lake was super low, which was too bad. The campsite we were in is where we always stay, and normally we are right on the water, but this time we had to actually walk down aways. It was really nice weather though. We had figured it would be nice during the day and then get cold at night, but it really stayed warm all day and night. It was prefect to sit by the fire at night but not so cold that you were freezing when you went to bed and woke up!

The boys had a blast playing in the campsite and were pretty wiped out by the end of the day, so we put them to bed a little early and S and I had a nice time sitting by the fire and having a beer and talking.
 (L2 was a big fan of s'mores . L kept telling us he doesn't like smores, however he does like marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Go figure)

The boys woke up early on Saturday and S took them out and let me sleep for a bit, which was really nice of him. I don't sleep great when we are not at home so it was nice to get an extra half an hour in the morning. S made french toast and hot chocolate and then we decided to drive around the lake a bit, just to get out of the campsite. We found a nice little area that we could let L swim again and S fished a little more. After that we headed back to camp for lunch and then our friends came up to spend the afternoon with us. I wish they could have come for the weekend, but it's so nice that were we camp is close enough that they could come and spend the afternoon!

The boys had an absolute blast playing and the adults had some time to sit and catch up and watch the kids play!

 (the boys. I love that they have these friends!!)

After our friends left we made another delicious dinner (carne asada tacos!!!) and, of course, smores. The kids went to bed pretty early again and S and I actually did too….. camping is fun, but it's also a little exhausting!!!

And, here's my funny camping story: As I said, I'm a pretty light sleeper. Well, around 2:30 am I woke up heard "Someone" walking around our campsite. I listened and heard them rustling around in our stuff and then I heard a cooler open. Of course, my first though was that some drunk camper from another site had wandered over and was trying to steal our beer, and I was not OK with that! I yelled from in the camper to "get out of our stuff" and then yelled at S to get up. We burst out of the camper, but no one was there. I was sure I heard something, but no one was there. After a few minutes we decided to go to bed, but I decided to walk to the bathrooms first. I walked out to the road and ran straight into a…… donkey!!! Yep, our midnight thief was a donkey!!!  I'm pretty sure S is still laughing at me for freaking out like I did!

Anyway, we came back today and are ready (kind of) to get back to real life tomorrow!!!!

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