Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Our day was wonderful.... filled with food and Christmas movies and presents and memories. L was so excited to see that Santa had come for him and ever present he opened sent him over the moon with happiness. He also assisted in helping L2 and mommy and Daddy open all their presents! L2 definitely got it more than last year, but I think it was still a little overwhelming for him!


I spent most of my time helping the boys open their presents, and that was perfectly fine with me! As nice as it is to receive gifts, especially from my loving hubby, it's much more gratifying to watch my boys, and my hubby, open the gifts that I spent so much time and thought into. Especially when those gifts turn out to be a huge hit.... I just love it!

L2 was trying to get into L's presents and L was not having it!

His new monkey backpack.... picked out for him by Daddy!

This was L2's big present.... a musical trio.... and he really liked it!  When I was growing up we always woke up to a few presents, and one big present, all unwrapped that Santa had left us and I want to keep that tradition going with my boys!

Our house was a disaster after, with wrapping and boys and tissue paper strewn everywhere and toys covering pretty much available service. And now our house has been pretty much "De-Christmas-fied". I know that probably sounds pretty grinchy, and I hated taking everything down on Christmas Day, but we are leaving for California tomorrow and the OCD freak that lives inside of me just couldn't imagine leaving everything in disarray. Also, we have a live tree so we needed to get that fire hazard out of the house before we left! I was worried L might freak out about us taking everything down, and he had a few moments, but luckily he was pretty distracted by all his new toys!

Just some of the new loot!

I am so blessed and so lucky to have this wonderful little family to call my own. I hope everyone out there had as wonderful a Christmas as we did!

Off to Cali first thing tomorrow!

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