Sunday, December 9, 2012

'O Christmas tree

This is how we spent our day today:

After two hours of driving to several different tree lots, S finally found one that met his (and my) specifications. As much as I wish we could put a tree up right after Thanksgiving with the rest of the decorations, I do like the we always get a real tree. I know it's not as perfect, or as easy, as a fake one, but it's a tradition I want to hold on to, at least for now!

And one of my favorite things about decorating the tree is pulling out all the ornaments and going through the memories that each one holds. This year L was asking me about each on so I got to tell him about all our dog ornaments (from before we had kids and our dogs were our babies!) And our first house ornaments, and L and L2's first Christmas ornaments. We also pulled out the dough ornaments we made last year with L's hand print and L2's footprint and it's amazing how much bigger they are now!

I love the contrast of his hair, the tree, and the Christmas skirt in this picture. My little red head!

L2 was very interested in the presents, even though they are all ones I've wrapped for family members that need to be shipped. He spent a good amount of time pulling all the wrapping out of one of the bags!

It really feels like Christmas now that the tree is up!

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