Sunday, December 9, 2012

Glendale glitters

So (and yes, I know you are not suppose to start a sentence with so), the town next to ours, Glendale, holds this fabulous Christmas/holiday event every year. We have lived here for going on seven years and every single year I have talked about how much I want to go and how fun it sounds. And every single year, we don't go. I don't know why. We always plan to, but then the holidays get so busy and we just never have. Since the fabulous little shop where we did our Santa pictures is involved in this event, and we needed to stop by the shop anyway to pick up our pictures, we decided this year we were going no matter what.

And I'm so happy we did. It was like Christmas wrapped in cheer wrapped in Christmas Carols. You just had to ignore the pushy crowds, the vendors smoking cigarettes while trying to sell light up toys to children (I know, I was like what!!!!) and the overall craziness of the event. But seriously, all the secondary stuff aside, it was pretty cool. We went early and so for the most part we missed the crowd. It had just started getting crowded when we left and I was very glad we had gone when we did. I'm not joking about the vendor smoking the cigarettes.... but hey, it makes a good story, right?

It something I want to make an annual event and we will for sure be going next time. L and L2 were both entranced with the lights and the noises and the sights and the people, and it made my heart happy to see them so innocently into the whole thing.

Glendale Glitters.... and yes, it really did! They did a wonderful job with all the lights!

Bad filter on a few of these pics! Sorry, it was hard all the competing lights!

Is there anything sweeter in the world then a Daddy loving on his child? How lucky are my boys to have a dad who loves doing these kind of thing with them!

We will be definitely be adding this one to the Christmas to do list for future years!

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