Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy fourth and a vacation update!

Happy later 4th of July everyone! Sorry for the delayed update, but we were on vacation all weekend down in California. It was fun, but unfortunately L had a pretty major fever for the majority of the trip. It was actually kind of weird. First of all L hardly ever gets sick, and if he does it last maybe a day. On Thursday he was running a low grade fever (like really, really low grade, 99.4 or so) and we just chalked it up to teething because his canines are coming in. On Friday morning the fever was still low but still there so I decided to take him in to the doctor just to be safe since we were leaving that afternoon. Of course, as all spontaneous doctor appointments seem to go, by the time we got there he had no fever what so ever and was the happiest boy you have ever seen. The doctor agreed it was probably teething, and maybe a virus so to just keep an eye on him. We packed up the car and were on our way, with my fears completely alleviated that he might be sick. L slept most of the six hours in the car, which we were grateful for, but when I got him out of the car I noticed right away that he was hot. Really hot. A quick temperature check revealed a fever of 103.8, highest he has ever had. Of course I freaked out and was ready to rush him to urgent care then and there, but S gave him a cool bath and some Tylenol and we managed to bring it down. But this was how the next three days went, the fever would spike, I would freak, we would bring it down, it would like he was getting over it, and then it would spike again. None of us slept very much, I worried a ton, and my poor baby was miserable.

Finally, when I was at the end of my rope and putting my foot down about taking him to urgent care, the fever broke for good and we managed to have one good day. There was a lot to fit into one day but we did out best:

We did some swimming. L seemed to be a little bit concerned about going into a pool that was not the temperature of a luke warm bath, but I guess living in Phoenix will do that to you.

He played on Grandpa's tractor, which I am pretty sure he thought was the best toy in the world and that he will be asking for one for his birthday. I guess maybe we could get some yard work out of it, right?

L loved chasing around Elli, who is one of his grandparents three dogs. I'm not sure why he took such a liking to her, but I think it was because she was a mutt and bared the closest resemblance to Charlie.

We helped Daddy celebrate his 27th birthday (which isn't actually until July 15th) with his family. His sister made him a guava cake and L helped him open all his presents.

And then we ended the night with L playing us all a jaunty little tune on the toy piano Grandpa pulled out of storage for him.

And then there was the fourth. Can you beat a view like this for the fourth of July? The weather was a beautiful 80 degrees, it was sunny, and my child was healthy..... can't ask for more then that. 

I love this last picture. L with his Daddy, grandpa, aunt and uncle.


This update is rambling on pretty long already, but in a quick, unrelated update my last official day of work was last Thursday. I have officially started my life as a stay at home mama and I am so excited! I'll keep you posted!


  1. Max had a fever that would spike and we would bring it down. Max also got up to 103.9, and I freaked. After 3-4 days it finally went away. Fevers are blah, the only bonus was, max was SUPER snuggly. Glad L is back to himself. Looks like vacay was fun :)
    Yay for being home!!! I took your advice from a while back and I picked up a couple of hours a week at my school. I just love being home with Max. I am thinking about trying for baby #2 :)

  2. I am so glad you had one good day. I remember being so frantic and worried about everything when my baby was little. It all works out : ) Don't worry so. Trust me. Those fevers will come and go : ) He looks happy and healthy and so loved!