Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's a ...............


That's right folks! We found out Friday that we are being blessed with another beautiful baby boy. (And a healthy, right on track, active one at that, according to the ultra sound tech!)

I've been going back and forth the past 19 weeks between the pros of a having a girl, and the pros of having a boy. (Obviously there are no cons, and as long as we have a healthy, happy child we are ecstatic!) My biggest thing was that eventually I want a daughter, so I thought if this one was a girl we would have one of each and there would be no pressure for the rest of the kids we have. And I did have dreaming up girly nursery ideas and looking at mini tights and tutu's and headbands adorned with huge flowers. On the other hand, if I got to choose, I would prefer to have two older boys and two younger daughters. I love the idea of having my boys around to protect there younger sisters. And I also loved the idea of having two boys, two years apart, that would be best friends.*

*And wost enemies. I am not totally naive. I realize that there are probably fist fights and sibling rivalry and teasing and everything else that goes along with being close in age with your sibling in my future.

So, I think this is perfect. Like I said, we were going to be happy no matter what this baby is, but now that we know it just feels perfect. Like this is the way it is suppose to be. I'm so excited for L to have a little brother, someone he can teach things to and get into trouble with and give advice to. I can't wait for high school football games  (or soccer or baseball or band recitals...... whatever) where S and I will huddle under a blanket, clutching cups of hot cocoa and cheer on our sons.

I am so excited. I'm so excited to meet our new little guy, and it's only 21 weeks until he arrives!

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  1. How exciting!!!!! Two boys will be so much fun!! Congrats!