Thursday, June 9, 2011

Splash Pad

So, last weekend we decided to do something we haven't ever done as a family. We hit our local splash pad. The fact that we have never been to the splash pad is a little ridiculous, considering we live in Phoenix and it's about 100 degrees 99% of the time. But I digress, we decided going to the splash pad would be a fun family outing and since L loves everything that has to do with water we figured this would be right up his ally.

Um, we might have been wrong. It was the weirdest thing. L will jump into the pool, he puts his face in and doesn't mind going under, he runs through sprinklers, and he loves baths and showers. Water spouting out of the ground? Apparently not his thing.

He was really only willing to venture out if S or I was holding him (so of course we both ended up soaked more then him!) but every time we tried to put him down to play on his own he made a beeline for the sidelines.

(Sidelines were safe... he liked watching the other kids endure the spouting water)

 No amount of coaxing would get him to stay on the pad and play. It was walk on with Dad, walk right off, get carried on by mom, want to go off.....

(Doesn't this face just say, " Really mom and dad? We couldn't have just stayed at the nice safe pool?)

Finally, we gave up. This kid just wasn't having it. But we will be back, because I'm really convinced he will love it if he gives it a chance. And we have a long, hot summer ahead of us!

("Please, no more of this torture that you are trying to disguise as playtime. No more! No more!")

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