Saturday, March 13, 2010


I love weekends. I realize that this is a slightly moronic statement, seeing as how everyone loves weekends, but I feel as though I love them in whole new way since L has been born. Weekends are now this magical time, 48 hours of happiness and togetherness, where S, L and I do absolutely nothing and everything, and we do it all together. I live for this time, look forward to it and countdown the hours Monday through Thursday until that time that S and I can collapse on the couch together, with our little bundle wedge between us and just soak in each other.

I only work part time, 8-12 Monday through Friday, so I am very lucky to have an extraordinary amount of "mommy and me" time with L. And I am also incredibly lucky because I have a husband who works so hard, and so many long hours, to make this possible for me. The flip side is that S doesn't get nearly as much time with L as we would like, and we also don't get as much time as a family. So that is why weekends are so important to me now. We don't spend nearly as much time meeting up with friends, or going to the movies or running errands on the weekend as we use to, instead we really just tend to hunker down and be with each other. I love that S and I get some more alone time on the weekends, after L has gone to bed and we stay up late and watch movies and drink wine and talk. We don't have to worry about getting to bed because of work in the morning, and we are both more relaxed. And I love, love, love, when L wakes up for his 6 A.M. feeding on the weekends I bring him into bed with us and nurse him there, his warm little body curled into mine, both of us drifting in and out of sleep. And then, when he is done eating, he always drifts into a deep, satisfied sleep, nestled in between the two people who love him most in the world. And we wake up slowly, usually to L grabbing our hair or nose and giggling, as if to say "hey guys, let's get this day started!” Those mornings’ moments are so beautiful, and on some level it makes me sad because I know it won't last forever. Eventually L will go into his own room, and he'll get older and want to get up and watch cartoons not cuddle with his mommy in the morning. And there will be activities on the weekends; little league, pop Warner, swimming lessons. All those fun things you get to do with little kids. And eventually S and I will probably jump start our social life again, and emerge from our isolated cocoon of family to hang out with friends and run errands and see movies. But for now, I want to relish this time. I want to stay as long as we can, cuddling in bed, the three of us. I love these two men in my life so much, and for now, all I want is to soak in every single lovely moment I can with them.

So, I'll end this post with once again stating the obvious; "I love weekends!"

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