Monday, March 29, 2010


Monday, Monday. It's always such a sad day when the weekend is over. That alarm goes off at 5:20 (Ack, sooooo early!) and all I can think is "No! No! No! I don't want to get up!" (This though often sounds like a petulant four year old in my head, my inner, and spoiled, child I suppose). I think all places of business should allow there employees to start Monday morning an hour or two earlier, you know, ease into the work week instead of jumping in feet first.

So that is my rant about Monday. Done and done, I will move on. I have some rather exciting news this Monday, actually. After much debate and discussion and stress about our financial situation, and exploring every possible avenue (second jobs, me going back to full time, selling our beagle on the black market) we found one potential solution. We found a great daycare, very close to our house and right on my way to work, that offered a four day a week, part time program for $100 a week. For those of you with children in daycare, you know that is pretty cheap. At our current daycare we pay $155 a week. So right there we would save $200 a month, and at least for the time being, solve our problems. Great, right? The only problem was approaching my work about moving to a four day work week. In fact, I pretty much thought there would be no way. I am the office manager so me being there everyday is pretty crucial. But I took a deep breath and explained our situation and let them know that I knew it was asking a lot but if I could move to four five hour days as opposed to five four hour days it would really help us. And, oh my gosh, they said "YES!!!" Well, not a permanent yes, but they are willing to move my schedule for a trial period of about a month and see if it works. If it does, we can make it permanent. I am so, so, so excited. Not only will it save us a money, it will give me an extra day a week of having my little man all to myself. (The three day weekend every week doesn't hurt either).

So, for all my complaining, my Monday turned out pretty great. I know that I am already so lucky to have a job that allows me to work part time so I can be home with L as much as possible, but the fact that they care enough about our situation to take a chance on this new schedule is pretty amazing. I am kind of dissapointed about having to move L out of his current daycare. I have had a great experience with them and I love L's teacher. But, I also really like this new one we found. One really cool thing about the new one is there is also an adult day center in the same complex (for seniors) and when the kiddos get a little older they do a lot of "inter-generational" stuff. The have the kids perform play for the seniors, and the seniors teach them how to garden and read to them. I think it's great for kids to learn from their elders and to learn respect for their elders at a very young age.

So, bottom line, I really hope this all works out, I think it will be good for all of us. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Oh, and Happy Monday!!!

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  1. Nice blog! Keep pushing through writer's block, even tho something at the time seems boring to write about, even a few days or weeks later, you'll be happy that at least you have SOMETHING in the blog!
    And congrats on the 4-day work week. When I had my first, I asked work if I could do a 30 hour week (so I worked 6 hours a day, instead of 8) and they said was only for about 4 months but it helped ease the transition from maternity leave back to work.

    Anyway, have a great day!

    - iColossus