Saturday, May 20, 2017

Family Visit Part 3

***I started this post almost a month ago, but life has been super crazy lately and I never finished it. I'm going to finish it and publish it as is, but I know it's coming in super late. Be prepared for more "after the fact" posts, because like i said life+insane these days.

OK, I'm here to wrap up the last part of our family visit, two weeks (or a month, whatever!) after the fact of course. I swear, I don't know how the days get away from me these days but we are just so busy!

To finish up our amazing family visit we had our Easter. Our family is not religious at all, but we are all about dying some Easter eggs, hiding and hunting for them, and eating lots of yummy food in the name of any holiday!

The night before Easter, as we dyed Easter Eggs and got ready, my dad, Brother-in-law, and wonderful husband did a big paella cookout. This has become quiet the tradition in our family, ever since our family because close friends with a family who had moved from Spain. At this point it's basically a 20 year tradition, and I love that my husband is now taking part in it!

And it was delicious, of course. And some of my absolute  most favorite moments are having all of our family together, pulling up a bunch of mismatched tables on the patio, and laughing and eating and drinking together.

Anyway, after we were all done eating the kids got down to dying all the Easter Eggs. This is always more of an ordeal for the adults than I expect, but I know the kids will look back and remember nothing but fun. Once we were done we set them aside and hoped that the Easter Bunny would come that night and hide them for the kids!

And, thankfully, the Easter Bunny did not disappoint. He/She his all the eggs, plus some extras that had chocolate/candy/coins in them. They also brought the kids some fun stuff in Easter Baskets.

And after all the food and the Easter Egg hunt we tried to get a picture of all seven kids together. Ask me how well that went. The answer would be not well. At least two were crying, one hid in the back and wouldn't show his face and the rest were just pissed off that they had to pause their fun to pose for a picture. I"m sure one day they will thank us, but that day was not today.

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