Friday, May 26, 2017

A sad goodbye

So, literally a few days after I got home from my trip for my Grandma's 96th birthday, I got the unfortunate call that my other Grandma had passed away. She had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer a few months earlier, so it wasn't like it was unexpected, but obviously it is always heartbreaking to get that phone call. So back on a plane I went, this time to Casper, Wyoming. I promised my Dad years ago that when the time came I would come out and help him with the house and everything else, plus I of course wanted to attend the funeral.

The truth is, my Grandma has been missing my Grandpa since he passed away fifteen years ago. Seriously, never in my life have I met a couple more in love. They lived for each other, adored each other, and living without him I think was pretty torturous for her. So I feel better knowing that they are together again, but it's never easy saying goodbye.

Grandma was one hell of a lady. She was undeniable proper, always a lady, and stubborn and hardheaded as anything. I like to think I get a lot of my strength from her. And about a week before she passed I had an urge to call her on a random Sunday morning. She sounded so good and we talked, and I later found out that that was her last good day. I'm not super religious, but I'm thankful for whatever prompted me to call her that day.

The Funeral was sad and small. I suppose when you reach a certain age there are not as many people around to attend. And it was sadder then I expected. I think when you know something is coming you expect that it will be easier, but at the end of the day it's not. It's still saying goodbye, and that always kind of sucks.

And then there was the house. The adorable, eclectic, old Hollywood glam, house that my Grandma and Grandpa bought all the way back in the 70's. Going through a house that has been lived in for 50 years is no easy task. And neither is deciding what to do with everything. Obviously we kept things that were sentimental, but at the end of the day you can't keep everything and you feel kind of awful giving and throwing away things that you know made up the life of people you love. But we managed to do it. It took a good solid five days of work and there was an estate sale, multiple trips to the Salvation Army, an antiques dealer, consignment store, and eventually the trash people.

So that's it. It was sad and a lot of work, but I"m glad I could be there to help my dad. The rest of this post is just picture of the house, because I've been going to that house since I was a baby and I don't want to forget it.

 (these wing chairs. I love them. So glam. And i think we found them a good home.)

 (So much art in the house. A lot of it painted by my Great Grandmother Miggie.)

 (The sun room)

 (The Patio)

 (My Grandma. She must have been around R's age)

 (The family room)

 (The entry way. I love the gold wallpaper!)

 (the living room)

 (The dining room)

 (The guest room)

 (Grandma and Grandpa's room)

So that's it. All we have left now are the memories. I love you Grandma. I know you are with Grandpa, wearing a fabulous fur coat, smoking a cigarette and having a cocktail. Tell him I say hi and I love him too.

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