Friday, November 4, 2016

R turns three!

Can you believe that this little bundle turned 3 yesterday? Because I cannot.

Just look at that sweet baby face. He was so small, the smallest of any of our babies, but he came into this world fast and furious and our lives have been changed in the most incredible way every since.

His last night as a two year old, fast asleep.

What can I say about R? Him and I have a bond that is all our own. He is definitely a mama's boy, and I love it. He is also rough and tumble and can keep up with his older bothers and all of his friends. he often reminds me of a puppy, sweet and cuddly, yet rambunctious and always ready to play, even with the bigger dogs.

(The morning of his birthday, waiting for him to wake up for his balloon surprise!)

He charms everyone he comes in contact with. And that's not a bias mom talking, it's true. Not a day goes by where someone doesn't comment on how adorable he is. He melts hearts with his squeaky little voice and his mischievous smile. He has all my friends wrapped around his finger, and even when he acts naughty he does it in an unimaginably cute way.

(Breakfast donuts for the birthday boy!)

He is also incredibly smart. He watches his brothers and quickly figures out how he can keep up. He is friendly and kind, he always wants to play with everyone, and everywhere he goes he makes friends.

(Birthday Dinner at Humble Pie!)
He's my guy. I love all my children wholly and equally, but I think you have different bonds with each of them. L made me a mom, he is my oldest, the one I rely on. L2 taught me how much I could handle. He made me a mommy of two, and he also taught me how strong I can be, by showing me his own resilience and incredible spirit. And R is my baby. Everything he does I wonder if it will be the last time I experience that milestone, because it's always a possibility that he could be my last baby. And so I hold him a little closer and baby him a little more.

Anyway, enough gushing. He had a wonderful birthday. He got to spend the morning in school with is friends (while I ran around like a mad woman getting things finished for his big day!)  We had a wonderful dinner out as a family and then came home where he got to open all of his presents, definitely a highlight in his day!

And I'll leave you with my favorite picture. It shows him on his first birthday, second birthday and third birthday. I remember on his first birthday when I caught this face on camera, cracking up because it was so amazed and awestruck! Then he did again on his second birthday, and again on his third! I love that he still gets the same expression overtime he opens a gift!

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