Saturday, November 26, 2016

Frosty's back!

Guess who's back???

He shows up every year, usually right after Thanksgiving dinner, bearing Christmas pajamas, his book and a note to the kids.

That's right.... Frosty's back!!!!

He surprised the kids in the loft after we ate thanksgiving dinner and hung out around the fire pit for a bit. He wrote them a sweet letter thanking them for being such good kids (which they are!) and reminding them to make sure they are using kind words and respecting mom and dad (which they sometimes need reminding of!). He also asked them to pick three toys to donate to little boys and girls in need, just like he did last year. Again I was impressed that my kids jumped at this request and there was absolutely no hesitation.

And like in years past, Frosty brought the whole family a present to kick of the Christmas season! The kids and I all got Christmas pajamas, and S got Christmas socks. (It needs to be noted that S has not always appreciate Christmas pajamas in the past, since he doesn't normally wear PJ's, so Frosty and Santa thought socks might get more use!)

And, of course, when trying to get a cute picture of all the boys in their matching jammies, someone had to have a meltdown. That someone this time was R. I'm not even sure what he was upset about, but I can't help laughing when I look at these pictures!

Here's to Frosty being back and my kids being on their best behavior because of it!

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