Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Scary Moment

You know those moments, as a parent, when you watch your kid take a nasty tumble, or see blood, or hear that cry that you know means they are hurt? And your heart stops until you know they are going to be ok? Well, we had that moment times a thousand this last week, when L went out to check the mail and ran back in the house screaming and crying the a dog had bit him.

Thankfully, he's ok. But, you guys, he got bit by a dog. And I'm not saying a little dog nipped at him. Some teenagers down the street had let their pit bull get out of the house and it chased L down and got him hard on the back of his leg.  Even just writing that makes me angry, but we are so so grateful that it wasn't worse.

We had the cops out and the firemen came to check his leg. One of the punctures was really deep so they wanted us to take him in for stitches, but then urgent care decided it was best not to stitch it and instead keep it wrapped up and cleaned with antibiotic ointment, and oral antibiotics.

L is doing good now. His leg was really sore for a few days, but he took it in stride and was pretty excited to tell his friends about the fire department coming to the house and to show off his bandages.

Oh, and this is why we didn't make it out for L2's birthday dinner!!!

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