Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vacation Part 2

So, while I was off enjoying a bachelorette weekend in the hills of Santa Barbara, I left behind all my boys (both the little ones and my husband) and they missed me so much there was absolutely no possibility of them enjoying themselves.

Yeah right…….

While I know (hope?) they all missed me to pieces, they seemed to find plenty of way to keep themselves busy. Papa put the little boys to work in the horse stables, a job they enjoyed to no end. I'm not totally sure what the appeal of moving hay and shoveling horse poop is over picking up toys and not dumping cheerios on the floor, but whatever.

They also spent two full days at the beach, where they dug holes, built sandcastles, boogie boarded and chased waves. L2 and R have always been slightly apprehensive of the water, but S told me they both ventured in this trip and had a great time. I'm sad I missed it, but glad that they had such a fun time.

Over the weekend they hit two different beaches and the boys had a blast at both of them. And their papa is the best and loves taking them to experience the same things he did with his kids.

And finally the pier. They took the boys fishing off the pier, and I have to admit I may be mildly glad I wasn't there for this adventure. While the boys had fun, S and papa both told me they were getting a little nervous by how curios the boys were to peer over the edge, and that they both were prepared to dive in after them if need be!

Thankfully no one went in the water, but they also caught no fish! S and his dad were disappointed, but the little guys could have cared less!

I had such an amazing time with my ladies, but I'm always sad to miss these moments with my boys. I'm glad they enjoyed the weekend so much though, and I know next time I'll be there with them to experience it all! 

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