Monday, July 25, 2016

S turns 32!

Last weekend we kicked off a full weekend of celebration as S turned 32. (If you know me you know I'm a big fan of the birthday "week", S thinks I'm a little silly so we tone it down and do a bday "weekend" for him!)

His actual birthday was Friday, and he took that day off, so we started the party on Thursday night with our good friend coming over for pizza and beer. The kids played and hung out, and the adults played a few round of cards against humanity, and of course we did cupcakes and singing!

Originally we were going to get a babysitter and go out, but I think this ended up being much for fun!

(S and his squad of little people! Could they be any cuter!?)

We'd been throwing around the idea of going up to Flagstaff for S's bday for months, but we had put off making any kind of decisions and once the weekend rolled around all the hotels we normally would stay at were sold out, and the other ones were super expensive. We were bummed and decided it just probably wasn't going to happen. But then we decided to get spontaneous and we ended up throwing some camping gear and a tent in the car and heading up anyway. There is a nice lake right on the outskirts of town where we set up camp, but then we still headed into Flagstaff to spend the day.

We had lunch at an awesome local brewery and then spent some time watching the trains go by and walking around downtown.

Flagstaff has the quirkiest little stores and it's such a nice change of pace from Phoenix. We get such a kick out of taking the kids places where we spent our younger years!

Oh…. and S had a blast terrifying out children with these crazy animal masks!

After spending the afternoon in town we met up with an old friend who owns a restaurant for few drinks. It was funny because the restaurant is actually a place I used to work back in my beer cart days! We hung out for a few hours and the kids had a blast playing on the greens at the gold course, then we headed back out to our campsite. It was kind of strange not grilling and kayaking and doing all the "camping" things, but for one night it ended up working out perfectly and Flagstaff is so beautiful it was pretty cool getting to spend time in town and then head out into nature.

In the morning we packed up camp and headed back into town for breakfast at our favorite bagel shop. We thought about going down to Sedona, but decided we'd rather just hang around Flag again before heading home.

We took the kids to campus and walked around for awhile. It pretty amazing how much it has changed since we were there…. I mean, they have a sushi restaurant in the student union now! Sushi! When I was there the best place to eat was the burrito bar or the buffet!

R may or may not have started to get tired at this point, and threw a few of his customary two year old fits.

Once we realized the kids were probably not getting quite as big of kick out of the walk down memory lane as we were, we changed course and took them to the park. The park was a bigger hit then showing them the dorm we lived in, so we played there for awhile and then hit another local place (although a new one from when we went to school there!) and then headed home.

It was a great weekend, but the best part was celebrating another year with this guy!

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