Monday, August 1, 2016

L starts first grade

L started first grade today.

First Grade.

He is officially, 100%, in elementary school. This is his first of twelve quick years before he's headed off to college.

Can you tell I am equal parts proud and heartbroken by this?

But, as much as I want to keep my baby… my first baby…. little, I also can't help but smile at how happy and excited and proud he is of himself. He was nervous about starting first grade, worried it would be hard, but he was still so ready to go and see his friends and meet his teacher. I love him so much and I love getting to be apart of this journey as he figures out who he is.

I know I said last year that we were so lucky to get into the school we got into, and on top of that so thrilled that our best friends also got in, and we ended up in the same class. Well, luck shined down on us again this year and these boys are so thrilled to be together! And not only are they together, another one of their friends (and a mom friend of mine!) ended up together too!

Of our "foursome" from last year only one of us ended up in different class, but they are right next door and we are still carpooling!

Here's to our big first graders and an amazing year to come!!

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