Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy  (late) Halloween!

We had such a great holiday this year! There is something especially amazing when a holiday falls on a weekend, and you don't have to worry about staying out late or having to work or go to school the next year. The is year the boys dressed up like animals. I was a little bummed I couldn't get them into any of my matching costume ideas, but I figure this is one of my last years to get the older boys into cuddly animal consumes, so I'll take it!

L dressed up as a monkey, L2 as a koala bear, and R as an elephant. These were all especially fitting, since L's nickname has always been monkey, L2's has always been the bear, and R has always had a thing for elephants! My sweet little animals!

We trick or treated with our friends again this year, and we also brought our neighbors niece along with us, so it was six kids in total!  They all looked adorable though, and we well behaved (well, as well behaved as six kids on a sugar/excitement high can be!)

R had so much fun trick or treating. It was adorable. And he seemed to be under the impression that everyone that opened their front door was offering him a personal invitation into their house! L2 and L also had a blast, and lasted much loner then I though they all were!

(I even got into the dressing up spirit this year!)

We stayed out late, and when the little kids tuckered out the other mom and I took the older kids out for another half an hour or so. It was a great night!

At the end of the night we walked our kids home, and they were all so beat they had to be pulled in the wagon! 

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