Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

The Easter bunny, whom L has named Roger, visited the boys and spoiled them with lots of goodies!

This was actually the first Easter in a few years that we haven't had my sister and her family, and my parents,  here visiting. I was a little sad about this, but I knew the boys were excited about Easter and we worked hard to make it a special day with our little family.

We woke up and "Roger" had hid a bunch of eggs in the backyard for the boys, and he'd also left them each an Easter basket. L was really good about holding back and helping the little boys find eggs, and I was very proud of him for that. L2 did a good job, but R still seemed more interested in picking up on thing, putting it in the bucket, and then dumping it out. Silly boy!

After our egg hunt I made us a yummy breakfast and Daddy and I had mimosas! We let the boys have a few pieces of candy, and read them the new book they got. Then we loaded everyone up and headed to the movies. We saw "Home" and it was super cute. I"m so glad we have made it a point to take the boys to movies since they were little, so they are used to it and for the most part are really well behaved. It's pretty amazing to me that we can take three little boys, five and under, to a movie theater and be confident that they will sit still and be good!

We had planned on walking around the mall after the move, but apparently the mall is closed on Easter, so instead we headed home for naps. For dinner we made the boys ham and S and I grilled up some steaks and I tried a new recipe for potatoes. We had these amazing cheesy potatoes at a steak house on a date night awhile back and they were amazing, so I found a copycat recipe and tried to replicate them! They were good, although still not as good as the restaurant!

It was a wonderful Easter, although I wish the rest of our family had been here! They boys had a great day though, and that's the most important thing!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter with their families!

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