Sunday, January 11, 2015


We are back in sports season! We got a little break during the holidays, but now we are back at once a week practices and Saturday games! I love it, but I do think about how crazy it is going to be when we have three little boys all playing sports! Right now it is just L and it takes a lot of time!

But we love it! This season he is playing kickball, and so far he is having so much fun. Honestly, if you have a little kid that is about to start sports for the firsts time, kickball is the way to go. We started with Soccer and then Tball, but when L was just barely four I think the rules and everything else of those games were a little to much for him to get. Kickball is perfect, it is definitely what I want to put L2 and R in for there first sports!

Plus you have never seen anything cuter then a bunch of four and five year old chasing around a kickball. Half the time every kid on the field ended up running into the outfield to chase the ball…. including the kids on the team that was kicking!

Athletics have always been such a huge part of S and mine lives, and it makes me so happy that L seems to find them equally rewarding! 

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