Sunday, November 9, 2014

R's first birthday party!

What a wonderful, amazing weekend we had. We celebrated R's first birthday this weekend with a party. I know his birthday was actually was on Monday, but it worked out for everyone to have the party the weekend after, and we were lucky that both sets of our parents were able to to make it from out of town.

Kids birthdays are kind of a double edge sword for me, especially when they are super young. On one hand, I absolutely love throwing parties of any kind, I love celebrating my kids, and I love getting together with friends and family. On the other hand, they can be super stressful and sometimes I wonder why I put myself through the wringer for a party they won't remember.

This weekend totally ended up being worth it. We haven't had both sets of our parents together for almost five years and we had so many wonderful friends make they trek out to celebrate our little guy.

My parents got here on Thursday, S's parents got her on Friday, and the party was on Saturday. Throw in R's one year doctor appointment and shots, and this week was pretty insane for me. I feel like I spent the whole week cleaning, running errand, preparing food and planning, but it all ended up coming together  perfectly!

We ended up having about 20 people total over at the house, including a handful of kids who ran around like crazy people….. they had fun though!!!

 We got R to take a quick morning nap before the party, so although he got a bit overwhelmed by all the people a few times, overall he was really good and seemed to have a good time!

R had his second "smash cake" and dove right in again. We had to take it away from him finally before he ate the whole thing!

It seems a little surreal that all the celebration is over now, and now he is just one. I really cannot believe a year has gone by since this love bug came into our lives, because I can't imagine our family without him. It's a little bittersweet, but I also love the little boy he is becoming and I love watching him discover new things.

Happy first birthday, my sweet, sweet boy. I love you more than word can even say.

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  1. Happy birthday cute boy! My son is 5 months old, and I feel like he was just born 2 months ago. I can imagine truly how bittersweet it feels to have your son turn 1. I'm excited and sad for his first birthday! lol