Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy First Birthday, R!!!

One year ago today, my sweet baby R burst into this world. He came fast and furious, with no time for pain medication, barely enough time for my doctor to even get there. One would think with that kind of entrance he would be my dramatic baby, a handful…. but he's the exact opposite.  

R, you are the quite possible the sweetest thing I have ever met in my life. L is my funny, sensitive one. L2 is my stubborn, sassy one. Any you, my baby, are my sweet one. (At least for now, we will see what happened when you turn three!)

I can't believe it's been a year since you've been born. This year has been amazing and wonderful and exhausting, and maybe one of the best years ever, all because you were finally here. It feels like you have always been apart of this family, we wouldn't know life without you.

(A little birthday breakfast for my birthday boy!)

You have been walking for a few month now, and you are getting steadier and faster everyday. You walk more than you crawl. You're still not saying a lot of words, it's mostly "babbababa". It's cute though and you always manage to make what you are feeling known. you like to dance when music comes on and you wave "hi" and "by". I'm hoping you say "mama" soon, although Daddy is pushing you hard for "Dada". L would also like if you made his name your first real word.

We are still nursing and I'm so glad that that relationship is still going strong. I am going to stop pumping since we will start transitioning to cow's milk and I will no longer need a freezer stash. I'm very excited to stop pumping, but I am so happy you are still nursing. Those moments between us are so sweet and special and I'm not ready for them to end.

(Getting a treat at Paradise bakery with L2 after school)

You are finally sleeping better at night, although you are still in our room. S is making the push to move you to the crib in two weekends and I think I'm going to give in. I guess it's time. You usually wake up around 4:30 and come into bed for a "sleep curse" and then spend the rest of the night co-sleeping with me. I love your cuddles and I'm fine if you still want to come sleep with us in the early mornings! You have also started napping in your crib, which is a pretty huge victory and does make it easier for me to get stuff done (or relax, or take a nap) while you are sleeping.

You have pretty much stopped baby food in the past week or so and are eating whatever table food we eat, just cut up small. You have yet to meet a food you don't like, although for some reason you seem to prefer cheerios that have been spilled on the floor by your brothers than eating them in your highchair. You nurse about three or four times a day still, but your main nutrition is coming from table food now.

You love your brothers. You and L2 especially seem to have a special bond, probably because you two spend more time together lately while L is in school. You two fight more, but you are always wresting and playing. I love watching you guys interact. Your first kiss was for mommy, but your second was for L2 and you love giving him kisses these days.

(He was a little hesitant at first, but once he tasted it he went crazy and dug right in!!)

I loved spending the day with you today. Your brothers were at school for half the day and Daddy was at work, so it was just me and you for awhile. I love that time alone with you. We had breakfast and hung out and played. After L2 got home from school (he had an early release day) we went over to Paradise Bakery and you guys got to have a special birthday lunch and even shared a cookie. Then we picked up L and came home for naps and waited for Daddy to come. We made a special pasta dinner for you and had a cupcake and then opened presents.

(The last two pictures are blurry, but this is the face he made when he opened every present. So happy and excited and shocked. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!)

It was just me and Daddy and your brothers for your birthday tonight. On Saturday we are having your big first birthday party. Your Grandparents are coming into town and all of our friends are coming over to celebrate you. It's going to be big and loud and crazy, and I can't wait, but it was nice to have just us tonight. Our little family of five. I love us.

So Happy, Happy, Happy birthday my sweet R. Words cannot describe how much I love you. You are sweet and beautiful and funny and loving. Thank you for being ours.

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