Sunday, September 28, 2014

a fall update!

Hi friends, sorry I've been MIA for a few weeks. We've had a busy couple of weeks with family in town visiting, birthday parties, and the beginning (finally) of "fall" like weather. Fall weather in Phoenix basically means it might dip into the 90's and the second it hits the 80's I start dressing my whole family in long pants and shirts. Hey, we have to get use out of our winter clothes where we can!

Anyway, last week my parents came into town for a quick visit. It's the fist time they've been out since, like, May and it was good to see them. They are still figuring out what their next step is after selling the house in Reno, and one option is spending more time down here. They house they own right now they bought for a steal about six years ago, so they are considering selling it and buying something more permanent and becoming "snow birds". It would be great to have them down here more, it is really hard sometimes not having any family around. Also, I love real estate and house hunting so I had fun spending a few days loping at properties with them.

(My mama and me! We spent the day at Ulta doing makeovers!)

The boys love having their grandparents around, and they also love having a little shake up in schedule. When we have people here visiting they tend to have later bedtimes, more snacks, and more fun! My parents also brought me some more stuff form the house that they just sold. It's stuff I wanted, but I have no idea where to put it all! They are also "willing" us (if you were ever in a sorority you get what I'm saying here!) some of their old paella gear. It's a long story, but we have some old childhood friends who were from Spain and we spent some time over there when I was younger. One thing we took away was the love of the food. My Dad's been perfecting his paella for almost 20 years now, and I have a great affinity  for prosciutto, ham and cheese croissants, and Spanish wine. My dad made us one of his famous paellas while he was here and then left S all the tools to be able to make us one! I"m excited, and I think he's excited to take on a new cooking challenge!

(We have Paella pictures like this going back to when I was like 9! So crazy to have one with all my kiddos in it!

(Even my picky boys loved it! R ate a ton, but he has yet to meet a food he doesn't like!)

My parents left at the end of the week and then we all had colds we  were fighting off. I hate when my boys are sick, but it's even worse when I feel bad! I'm good at taking care of others, but I'm kind of at a loss when others need to take of me! Thankfully, no one got it too bad, and while we all still have coughs it seems to be on our way out. We had a busy weekend, S's soccer season started again and I had a baby shower for one of my sorority sisters and I also met up with S's aunt for breakfast. Aunt D is  S's mom's best friend, and while we are so lucky she lives in the same town as us (but on the way other side!!!!)  we don't see her nearly enough! It was so great to catch up and let her meet baby R! It definitely made me realize we need to make the effort to keep the connections we have out here, even if they are out of the way! It was a great weekend and we capped it off with a lazy little Sunday and some time spent at our neighborhood park. 

I feel like we haven't been to the park in months, and honestly, we probably haven't been. Unless we sneak in super early before pool days it's just too darn hot from May to August. While the rest of the country is rejoicing in turning leaves and sweaters and Pumpkin lattes for fall, we are rejoicing the the ability to go to our park at 5 PM in shorts and tshirts and not die of heat exhaustion! Hey, we will take fall where we can get it!

Hope everyone is having as good a start to fall as we are!!!

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