Tuesday, September 2, 2014

L2's first day of Pre-school

Today was my sweetest middle child's first day of Pre-school. I cannot believe I actually have two kids in school…. where is the time going, and can it please slow down? Obviously, L2 is on the young side for school….. L started his two-half-day a week preschool, when he was about 3 1/2, and L2 will be 3 this October. Because of the speech issues we've had, L2 has been receiving speech therapy through the state since right after his first birthday, and has now "graduated" from the early intervention program and entered into the state preschool. It's actually been quite the headache…. a lot of red tape and hoops to jump through, but I really believe this is going to be so good for him. When we had him evaluated his speech delay only came out as moderate, mostly because his cognitive language is so good. He doesn't have a lot of "understandable" language right now, but he tries and he follows directions and understands what you are saying to him. We know that he is going to be having another surgery on his mouth in probably the spring or Summer of next year, and that will hopefully fix this problem. Until then, I think the socialization aspect of school, and having to communicate with his teacher and his peers is going to be so good for him, and we are all so excited!!!

Getting him into the school has actually been a several month process, full of headaches and angry phone calls and tear on my part, but we finally got it worked out last week and we were so ready to have him start after Labor Day Weekend. So, of course, what happened? L2 got a horribly high fever and was sick ALL weekend! First of all, he never gets sick, and second, I was freaking out. Basically, he had to go today, whether he was sick or not, because he wasn't technically enrolled until he attended one day and we could lose his spot if he wasn't there! Thankfully, the fever broke late last night and he seemed to feel fine by today!

(I realize he looks completely miserable in this picture…. he was just mad that I was making him sit for a picture! Little stinker!)

I knew he was ready for school. We've been taking L for the last month and every time we go into his classroom L2 immediately goes and sit down at a desk and starts playing. I also knew that he might have an issue when he realized I was going to drop him off and actually leave him. And, boy, was I right. He was all smiles in the parking lot and when we went to find his classroom. He ran in and started looking at he toys and even gave his new teacher a big hug! I was talking to the teacher, just going over everything ,and at this point I started getting teary, because, I mean…. It's my baby. And he's starting school and that a big deal!!!! So I said my goodbyes and went to leave before I lost it, and all Hell broke loose. L2 lost it. Sobbing, clinging to me…. it was awful. I went outside and I could hear him crying and yelling and pounding on the door with his little fist. I'm telling you, it took everything in my power no to run and scoop him up, all while telling the teacher, "Oops, no sorry! There has been a mistake!! I'll take him! Sorry for wasting your time!" But I didn't. It was hard, but I left and I knew in my heart that he would be fine.

(Big brother's school was closed today for teacher training, so he was with us to send L2 off for his first day!)

(Drop off…. right before I left…. he's still happy!!!)

I half expected to get a phone call telling me to come and get him, but it never came, and when I went to pick him up he was sitting with all the other kids listing to the teacher and smiling. I'll tell you though, the smile and running hug I got when he saw me come in definitely brought me to tears again! The teacher said after a few minutes of cuddles he calmed down and did really well for the rest of the day. He got along with everyone and listened to directions and even spent the whole day in big-boy pull ups with no accidents! I was one proud mommy, and despite all the headaches we've been through I'm feeling really good that this is a good step for us. I know the rest of the week will probably be the same at drop off…. it usually takes him a week or so to acclimate to something new, but I think in the long run he's going to love it and so are we!!!!

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