Friday, July 26, 2013

24 weeks

(Sorry for the quality of these pics! Don't know why they came out so dark!)

How far along: 24 weeks!
Maternity Clothes: Well, it finally happened! I pulled on my jeans today, buttoned them.... and realized it was a little hard to breath! We have moved onto the hairband stage! (You know, where you loop a hairband through the button hole to make the waist a little looser!) 
Sleep: I feel like I sleep in a little nest at night! two pillows on each side (four total) one between the legs and one under my head! My poor hubby is running out of room!
What I miss: Nothing this week!
Exercise: I had to miss power yoga this week because of a conflicting appointment and even though I went to my regular yoga class, it was all core work so I didn't get too much out of it! Not a great week for yoga so I'm excited to have a good week next week. I did get in good cardio sessions, although I've started to notice the longer/harder I go on the treadmill the more my poor pubic bone hurts that night. I did almost four miles on Thursday and paid for it big time that night! Ouchie!
Cravings: Water and carbonated stuff! Sweets also, and cherries!
Aversions: Nothing really. My appetite is definitely coming back with a vengeance! Uh Oh! 
Symptoms: Kicks and rolls. rib pain. pubic bone pain. I'm also getting full really easy. Like after a relatively small meal I'll feel uncomfortably full for the next hour.... and then I'm starving again!
Labor Signs: Just the good old Braxton Hicks!
Best moments of this week: We had another ultrasound this week, at our level 2 perinatoligist. I really liked the guy, he went through every little detail and you could tell he still loved doing this after many years! It always makes me feel so good and reassured to have a good, detailed ultrasound where everything looks perfect! (What can I say.... I"m a worrywart!) We also signed L up for his first soccer season, which will be starting at the end of August. I'm so excited for him, but I also can't believe my baby is old enough for team sports!!!

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