Saturday, July 20, 2013

23 weeks

How far along: 23 weeks!
Maternity Clothes: Lol, I feel like every week is going to be the week.... but nope! I can still say my pants are buttoning. Tight, and probably one good wash away from not buttoning, but for now I haven't had to bust out the maternity pants! It's crazy how differently I am carrying this baby, with L and L2 I was in maternity pants by about 13 weeks. I've also gained so much less weight. I'm still only up about 4 or 5 pounds this pregnancy, and with L and L2 I was up 15-20 at this point. I'm happy that I'm not going to gain as much as I did with the other two, and the Dr says baby is growing perfect so my low weight gain isn't a concern, but it kind of sucks because I know the low weight gain is in part because of all the stress we've had with L2's stuff lately. I want to be happy, fat preggo lady with my tub of ice cream, not stressed out!!!!
Sleep: I'm getting pretty uncomfortable at night, at sleeping with like 4 pillows. I have a boppy pillow that I used for the last two pregnancies, but it's pretty worn out. I'm thinking about investing in a snoogle...... anyone have any experience with those?
What I miss: I had a wedding last weekend, and it would have been nice to be able to drink some wine with my girlfriends! 
Exercise: Back to the norm! Power yoga, regular yoga and then my usual 3 miles on the treadmill. The treadmill is starting to get a little harder.I do a really steep incline and a high speed and I've been finding myself struggling more and more right around when I hit two miles... I really have to work for that last mile! I know at some point I'll have to slow it down a bit and bring down the incline, so I'm trying to push it hard for as long as I possibly can!
Cravings: Water! It's so hot and I"m so thirsty all the time! Also, my sweet tooth is coming back... I've been enjoying a fair amount of cookies and I made cupcakes for S's birthday which were delicious.
Aversions: Nothing really. My appetite is definitely coming back with a vengeance! Uh Oh!
Symptoms: Kicks and rolls. He especially enjoys kicking me in the bladder! Some swelling on the really hot days when I'm on my feet for a long time. Some rib pain. Pubic bone pain, especially after a hard workout!
Labor Signs: Just the good old Braxton Hicks!
Best moments of this week: Seeing a wonderful friend get married at a beautiful lodge in Donner Lake! Celebrating my amazing husbands 29th birthday! Oh, and we had a Dr appointment so we got to see out little man on the ultrasound! (On a side note, this was our first appointment since the great "boy/girl" dilemma, and our poor Dr felt soooooo bad! I felt bad that he felt so bad! He apologized so many times and said please keep coming to see me, you make beautiful boy babies! Haha! I told him all was forgiven and we were very excited for our third son!)

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