Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reno trip Fall 2012

Well, we've been back a week from our "mega vacation" of 2012. What would constitute a "mega vacation" you may ask? Well, in my book it is spending 14 hours in a car with a three year old and a 10 month old as you make the trek across the barren dessert, on two lane roads the whole way, to your hometown of Reno, Nevada.

Not my idea of a fun time, but to be totally honest it wasn't as bad a I thought it would be. We left when S got off of work on Wednesday and drove to Vegas, spent the night, and then got up early the next morning and made the 8 hour drive across the dessert. 

We got in late Thursday afternoon, tired and sweaty, but it was well worth it to come home to this!

(My childhood home!)

We had a lot planned for this trip, but we also had an abundance of family time with Grandma and Gramps, and getting to take the boys around Reno. Also, the weather was beautiful. Cool and night and 80's during the day. Perfect for walk to our local coffee shop, picking apples and runs along the river!

(L sitting outside of my elementary school!)

(My parents have an apple tree in their backyard..... L was obsessed. I dare  say he was hoarding the apples.)

(Train ride in Virginia City!)

(My parents house sits right on the Truckee river.... you can't beat this view on your morning run!)

The main reason we were in town was for my ten year high school reunion. TEN YEARS!!!! How the heck did that happen? I'm so glad we made the trip, it was so fun and it was so great to catch up with old friends!!!

(there may have been shots involved. There may also have been shots involved in high school.... but I plead the fifth!)

After the reunion weekend S had to fly home and go back to work, but I ended up changing my tickets and the boys and I stayed an extra week so that I could host my best friends bridal shower and bachelorette party. She is getting married in November and I was so excited and honored that I was able to be such a big part of the celebration for her!

(so much yummy food!)

(Sure sign of a successful party.... lots of empty champagne bottles!)

After the bridal brunch we headed to a local resort where we checked into our upgraded room, drank some more champagne and met the girls for a night of dinner and dancing. Needless to say, it was a blast, but I'm not going to go into too much detail as this is a family blog!

The weekend was a huge success, but I'll be honest, the whole party thing is not my scene anymore. I missed my husband and my house and I was so ready to go home after ten days away! I was nervous for my flight alone with both boys, but I felt really prepared. I had snack and movies and toys. The flight was only an hour and a half.... what could go wrong?

Let's just say this next picture is the calm before the storm. L ended up seeing (through the window) as they loaded his carseat into the cargo area on the plane. he freaked out! No joke, he spent the entire flight screaming and crying that they had stolen his carseat..... I was mortified. I was actually worried we were going to end up as one of those new stories where the mother and kids get kicked of the plane. It was awful.

But, what can you do? We are home now and everyone thinks the story is hilarious. I may be scarred for life however.........

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