Wednesday, October 24, 2012

L2's first birthday!

Happy First Birthday to my sweet baby boy! Today L2 turned one, and although I know it is super cliche, and every mother says it, I'm going to say it anyway...... where the heck did this last year go? And can my kiddos please slow down and stop growing up so fast!!!!

It seems literally like yesterday that we were in the hospital, bringing this sweet little boy into the world. It has been an amazing year, although not with out trials (as is life, I suppose!) I think being a mommy to two has really tested me and strengthened me, and I am so grateful for all the lessons L2 has taught me over the past year. 

Sweet boy: you are so, so loved. I am amazed everyday by your easy going personality, your big smile and your loveliness. I don't think I have ever met a kid quite as mellow as you, you take everything in stride, whether it is big brothers tantrums (and there are a lot of those these days..... he's three!), and stay in the hospital and surgery, or a mommy who is having an off day. Daddy and I are so incredible grateful for you!

OK, enough of the mushy stuff! We had a pretty mellow birthday. L2 has been fighting of a pretty nasty virus and S had to work, so we pretty much just hung out at home. We did however venture out early this morning for a yummy dunkin' donuts breakfast! L2 really enjoyed his donut, as did his brother (Mommy really enjoyed her coffee!) I think L is a little confused as to why we wouldn't eat donut for breakfast every morning!

We did do a fun afternoon activity of pumpkin painting.... but I will save that for another post! After S got home we had a delicious dinner of homemade nachos and then gave L2 his cupcake and sang him happy birthday. I have to tell you, L was devastated when I told him the cupcake was for his brother and not him.... total meltdown. In my defense, this cupcake was huge and I just figured they could share it after we sang to L2! (That is what they did, but L was still not entirely happy!)

L2 was not super impressed..... can you tell!

He warmed up to the idea once we stopped singing and actually let him start eating!

After cupcakes L2 has a few presents from us to open..... same scenario as the cupcake for L.... he just can't seem to believe that we are celebrating a birthday today and it's not his! He was however excited by the idea of a new toy, whether it was technically for L2 or not, so he "helped" open all the presents and was pretty good!

On Saturday we will have a small party for L2 with a couple of friends and S's parents, but it was nice to just celebrate as a family tonight!

We love you so so so much L2!!!!!

Happy First Birthday!!!!

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