Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!! I love Halloween, mostly because I love all holidays. And give me a holiday that involves copious amounts of chocolate and the opportunity to dress my kids in adorable costumes? I'm all in. I also love Halloween because it symbolizes that start of the holidays. Everything about the holiday season makes me giddy, from Thanksgiving to Christmas. (OK, Christmas actually makes me more than giddy. It makes me happy like a five year old meeting Santa Claus).  But once Halloween is here it's the start of decorating and baking and colder nights and Egg Nog and everything else that goes along with "The Season"!

L dressed up as a Zebra this year, and can I just say he was the cutest Zebra ever? I wanted to get him a dinosaur costume, because he's really into "roaring" these days.... but he refused to wear the headpiece. The kid has some major issues with hats, or anything else that goes on his head. He would only keep the Zebra head on for a few minutes at a time, and only when he had an audience telling him how great he looked. Kid's not going to deny his fans.

(Can I just say, I adore my ergo carrier? Best purchase ever!)

And it was this little ones first Halloween. Because my original due date was the 29th I was really worried I might end up being in the hospital for Halloween. But we are so happy he is here, and he was trooper going trick or treating with his big brother.

And L was happy to have him tag along. He is really into holding him lately, and these pictures of the two of them literally just melt my heart every time we capture one.

(Me and my two handsome little men! So in love with them!)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! (And for those who are from my home state: Happy Nevada Day!)  

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