Tuesday, May 10, 2011

15 weeks

OK, 15 weeks! We are officially into the second trimester. I have been feeling better, the morning sickness seems to be for the most part gone, although it still keeps occasionally popping up now and then, which is really irritating. I've noticed that I really tend to feel sick if I eat any meals that are too big or too rich, so I'm trying to be good about that, although I am also getting to the point where I am hungry all the time.

A few weeks ago I strained my back pretty good, but it seems to be getting better. It is hurting though and I'm having trouble lifting L easily in and out of his crib. I also think I may have pinched my sciatic nerve, I'm having this awful, electric like pain all along my left hip, leg and lower back. It's weird because I never felt anything like this when I was pregnant with L, although I guess it's true when they say every pregnancy is different.

I feel like I'm showing a lot earlier then I did with L, although if you didn't know me you would probably just think I had put on a couple extra pounds or had a little beer belly! I prefer when I"m more noticeably pregnant, that way people don't just think I'm fat!

We have a Dr. app in two weeks and he is going to do an ultra sound then and try and let us know if we are having a boy or a girl. I am soooooo excited for this, I can't believe we are already this close to finding out!

We'll keep you posted, and here is some pictures of my growing "roundness". (Oh, and I know I look like crap in these pics, they were taken at the end of a long day and after a trip to the gym!)


  1. you look great :)

    I'm so excited for you to have another baby! It's simply amazing!

    For pinterest, i need your email address... so you can either comment with it on that post, or just email it to me: adausend@yahoo.com

    hope all is well, can't wait to hear if you are having a girl or a boy!!

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