Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day!

I admit it, I am a sucker for this holiday. Actually, I am pretty much a sucker for any and all holiday, any reason to celebrate love and life and bake cupcakes and cookies and eat yummy food and decorate your house is all good in my book.

I love shopping for gifts for S even after I promised him I wouldn't buy him anything. And I love that I know get to shop for L as well. I can't wait for the schooldays where I will get to help L address little valentines to all the kids in his class, and maybe even help put on a classroom party. (Do they still do classroom parties on holidays anymore? I know the school I work at doesn't, and frankly I think it's lame.)

Don't get me wrong, I've spent my fair share of VDays' celebrating "singles awareness day" and going out to dinner with a group of girls and drinking copious amounts of wine, all while groaning and moaning about the lack of good and available men there were out there. But even during those times, I still kind of loved February 14th. I mean, a holiday that gives you free rein to gather all your closet girlfriends and bond and gossip and laugh and cry together. Love it.

So this year, we are having a date night, with a plus one. S is taking me out to sushi (Yum!) and L is coming with us. A lot of people have seemed a little perturbed that we aren't going out sans child tonight, but first of all, I felt kind of bad asking anyone to babysit on Valentines Day. Second, we live fairly far out so it would be inconvenient for any of our friends to come out to our house to watch him, and third, we like having L around. Yes, there are some times (like movie dates) that it is necessary for us to find a sitter but for the most part, L goes where we go. Ever since he was a newborn he has come with us to restaurants and social events and pretty much everywhere. When you have no family in town, you don't have the option of dropping your child off every time you want some alone time, so you learn to incorporate them into everything that you do. And I think both S and I are really OK with this. L is incredibly social and (usually) well behaved when we take him places and I attribute this partly to the fact that he is so used to it.

Anyway, that was kind of a side note. The point is that S is taking us to dinner and I am super excited. I am skipping the gym after work today and instead am going to go home, bake my hubby some Valentines Day cupcakes, wrap his gifts, and then, once L is down for his nap, take a nice long bubble bath and get all prettied up for tonight.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! If your attached, I hope today is just another day of many for you to show your love for each other. And if your single? Grab the wine, your best girls a sappy movie and some carb loaded food! Seriously, those night are some of my best memories!

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