Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ups and Downs

Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately. Not big dips and drops and turns, but a constant stream up little ups and downs. For instance, me having to go back to work after my break was a down, but it was followed by a quick up when L transitioned so smoothly back into daycare. Money has been tight lately, which is a down, but I recieved a small raise which is an up. My car broke down and had to go into the shop for almost two weeks, which was a major down, but on the upside, we own a car that still runs, and that we don't owe any money on.

I know this doesn't sound like anything major. In fact, to quote the Darryl Worley song "Sounds like life to me" (you would have to be a country fan to get that reference). But, sometimes it gets me down. It feels like every time we get ahead something else knocks us down. Everytime we get some money saved up, or it seems like we have a plan set, something comes along and shakes everything up. And, being somewhat of a control freak, I don't like this. But sometimes, I've realized, you just have to give up that control and appreciate what you do have in life. We may not have money for a new car or new couches right now, but we have what we need. We may not be in a position to travel the world or take of on some great adventure, but we have a healthy and happy family and we have a home that we own and love. We may wish we could get out of Phoenix, but at least in Phoenix we have good friends and a support system.

So today, as the rain clouds roll in and Phoenix welcoms "Monsoon Season 2010" we are hunkering down in our house, getting cozy in sweats, layings blankets and pillows across the living room floor, and watching a Prison Break marathon with Mac and Cheese and some cold beer for lunch. Days like this, life seems perfect, like we are gliding along smoothly on the coaster with no big drops or surprises in sight.

Today I am enjoying this:

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  1. I LOVE the top picture of L! So cute! Looks like a flirty little boy :)