Sunday, August 8, 2010

We're walking!

Oh. My. Gosh. L took his first steps. My baby. My little baby, who it seems like just yesterday I brought home from the hospital, all swaddled up and pink and helpless. My baby who it seems like just yesterday he learned how to sit up, who learned how to roll over and was so proud of himself. My baby is walking! Well, let's be clear, he's not exactly running around in circles yet, and crawling is still his main method of transportation, but he can take several wobbly steps with no support. And he loves it. Seriously, this kid is not lacking in the self-esteem department, he is sooooo proud of himself.

There has been some disagreement in our household about the exact date of the first steps. S swears he saw him take a few unassisted on the 3rd, but I didn't see it till the 6th. Regardless though, he is doing it all the time now. He is getting especially good at walking while holding on to my hand, which really makes him seem like a big boy to me.

He was moving to fast and I was too busy being amazed by him to get any good pictures of him walking, but I will post some soon. promise. In the meantime, here is my big boy walking while holding my hand as we explored Barnes and Nobles.

In other news, although I have thoroughly enjoyed our last too weekends of rainstorms and movies and tucking into our house away from the world, we were all happy when the sun broke through and we were able to hit up the pool this weekend. L was the most excited, I think, to get back in his beloved water. I'm pretty sure he may have drank a good amount of pool water, but he was dipping his face in and blowing bubbles and splashing around. My child is definitely a water baby.

And I was pretty excited to have a chance to lay out, work on my tan and read a good book. I love, love, love all the time I get to spend with L during the week, but it is also nice to have a little mommy time when S is around.

And, as I head into my fourth week back at work, I realize, I'm ok. I really am. While my ultimate goal is still to be a stay at home mama, going back has re-affirmed to me a few thing: first of all, I have a great job and a great schedule and I am incredibly lucky to be able to work four days a week part time. Second, I really, truly enjoy my job. I like the people I work with , I love the kids ,and I even love most of the parents that I have to deal with. So, its back to work tomorrow and overall, I'm feeling lucky. I have a job that I enjoy, a family that I love more than anything and I get to spend weekends soaking up life with them . Yep, Life is pretty darn good right now.

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