Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girls Weekend

(Disclaimer:  This post was actually written about 6 days ago, but a series of life events (hello, step throat!) and me just plain being lazy has made it so I am just now actually publishing it today. Please pretend you are reading it last Wednesday to get the full effect!)

What a weekend. For the first time in almost a year (really more then a year if you count the time I was pregnant) I switched out my mommy hat for my party hat. One of my best girlfriends from college is going to be getting married and we had her bachelorette party this past weekend. To be honest, I was pretty torn about going. On one hand, I was so excited for a weekend of good, quality girl time, but on the other hand, it was my first time ever away from L. But, armed with promises from S to send me lots of pictures and call me if the slightest thing went wrong, and after smothering L with more kisses then he has ever received, I packed my bag and headed out to Scottsdale for a weekend of tanning by the pool, manicures and pedicures, fruity drinks in darkly lit bars and reminiscing about our days in college.

I'm not going to lie, on more then one occasion my eyes teared up when I called S and heard L cooing in the background, however I also knew that this was going to be some great father-son bonding time for my two favorite boys. And despite some guilt from being gone all weekend, I had a blast. It's easy to forget, in our hectic everyday schedule of diapers and bottles and cuddles and comforting an upset babe, the girl I used to be. And that girl was fun, let me tell you.  So this past weekend I threw on a bikini and laughed and gossiped (not in a malicious way, of course) and read juicy gossip magazine. We danced and sang loudly along to the songs that reminded us of the days when our biggest worries were getting to class on time in the morning and what our plans were on Friday night. We ate pizza and drank beer. We shared makeup and did smokey eyes on each other and fixed each others hair, remembering those days when we would always get ready together in our sorority house before we went out.

We told embarrassing stories about the stupid things that we did when we were younger and we re-strengthened those bonds that made us each others best friends back in the day.

There were also cute ""bachelorette party" shirts that were made for us to wear when we hit the town on Saturday night, and I traded in my usual flip flops for a killer pair of heels. I felt pretty, and young and carefree. I'm so glad I went.

We even had a chance run in with Elvis (and here I thought he was dead?) which made just about everyones night.

And on Sunday I returned home, feeling as though I had been gone for weeks on end. When L saw me he got a huge smile on his face and toddled towards me, all unsteady and adorable. I think he missed me just as much as I missed him. And I realized that although it is so much fun to escape for a weekend and pretend to be in my early twenties without a care in the world, L and S were never far from my mind. And I wouldn't change my life of mommyhood and being a wife and diapers and babies who are learning how to walk and the crankiness that comes along with teething for all the fruity drinks or days at the pool or nights out dancing in the world.

And, in other exciting news, parents and my sister and brother-in-law and their two sons are in town for the week visiting. My nephews are 3 and 5 and L is having the time of his life getting roughhouse and play with the two "big kids". Expect a big post on that with lots and lots of pictures at the end of this week!

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